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Soldiers' Soldiers

In early June 1976 John Tunstill, proprietor of the London model soldier shop "Soldiers", decided to fashion a new range of figures which could be priced at that of metal toy soldiers but which would have the detail and quality of model soldiers. This range was called Soldiers' Soldiers....

1. The History of Soldiers' Soldiers
2. Some other Arcania
3. Teecus (Tunstill's Cock-Ups)
4. Identification and Valuation
5. British Army Cavalry and Infantry Regimental list
6. Highland Regiments
7. A Scottish Regiment

Boxed Sets
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Individual Figures (Production List)
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Fusiliers - Parade Order at Attention - Box 6

All figures are true 54mm, cast in lead alloy and painted in quality gloss paints. Boxes are typical long maroon cardboard boxes with card liners, and bearing any original labels. All figures march with the left foot forward.

Most boxes contain an officer or NCO or musician and/or standard bearer plus six or seven soldiers, eight in total.

All stock was manufactured between 1972 and prior to 1985.

All figures are in mint condition, and the boxes are in good to mint condition.
The stock is finite and figures will never be recast.