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places / topographical postcards ~ Paesaggistichecartolinepaesaggistiche

Gloucester - High Street

Faenza - Loggiato Orefici e Cattedrale

Cervignano - Dall' Italia redenta Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

worldwide military / soldiers ~ Militaricartolinepaesaggistiche

Les Editions Militaires Illustrees No. 450 by Maurice Toussaint, Fusilier - Marin (Tonkin 1884)

Les Editions Militaires Illustrees Serie 1, No. 4, Toussaint, Infanterie Demi-Brigade (1793)

Drum Horse & Kettledrummer. 3rd (Prince of Wales's) Dragoon Guards c. 1896, Chas. Stadden

other postcards, themes/subjects ~ Altricartolinealtri

Art Nouveau 1907,
Postally Used, Argentina, embossed card

Snow scene, printed by Vougn & Cie, Geneva, Switzerland, No. 53 by E. Pellegrini

New Year's Calendar card with moving parts, embossed, Spanish, 1903


Collectibles / Collectables

Advertising, see 'prints' below
Aircraft Recognition Cards, WW11, British, all known military aircraft.
Beer Mats, Sotto Bichieri, a collection of about a hundred examples from British Pubs from the 1970's, send your wants lists and price offers.
Book Plates, the definitive publication, printed in Italy in the 20's 30's.
Books, Gilbert and Sullivan; Omar Khyam, Movies / Film books see www.reelstreets.com, military books see www.soldierssoldiers.com.
Cigarette Cards and Cigarette Packets, Wills, Players, Morris, etc, and old catalogues.
Coins, see 'money' below, several hundred available, send your wants list and price offers.
Dress Designs/Patterns, really beautiful haute couture designs from the 50's, scans available.
Ephemera, real estate and house deeds, documents, indentures, ration books, identity cards, etc., send details of your interests.
Flags, see www.soldierssoldiers.com, soon to be photographed and loaded.
Magazines, French Homes and Gardens, "Maison & Jardin" 1950's & 60's, fantastic adverts including Sanderson, Dunlopillo, Philips, Villeroy & Boch, Peugeot, Sevres, Pirelli, Ideal Standard, Eternit, Richard-Ginori, Guerlan, Galion etc and even some Peynet cartoons for Vin Nicolas.
Also the Italian magazine Sapere, Knowledge, 1930's / 40's, excellent period material with publicity by Olivetti, Magnadyne, Thermogene, Bosch, Rolliflex, Leica, Linguafone, Westinghouse, Breda, Voce del Padrone (HMV), Banco Commerciale, Fiat, Kodak, Agip, Mobiloil,Nivea, etc etc. Plus hundreds of military magazines, see www.soldierssoldiers.com. Newspapers and Periodicals see below.
Maps, ordnance survey of Ireland, 1880's, US Army, Italy WW11.
Menus, from the 1950's / 60's, Cruises, Dinners etc., wonderful examples of the art of the period, scans available.
Military items, see www.soldierssoldiers.com, cloth badges, bayonets, buttons, badges, medals, gas masks, arm bands, table ware, and military mail German / USA WW11, on this site shortly.
Money, paper money, 1900 - 1970's, cheques, coins. postal orders, send your wants list.
Music Sheets, see under soldierssoldiers website and also Prints.
Newspapers, military see www.soldierssoldiers.com, royalty see below, magazines see above, periodicals see below.
Perfume bottles / jars, a small collection available.
Periodicals, Corriere della Domenica, fantastic illustration of current events.
Philately, see Stamps below.
Photographs / Photographic, selection of packaging for prints, negatives etc. Real photographs on this site, military photographs on www.soldierssoldiers.com. Some magazines Photo Bits 1899, and a collection of prints and glass negatives by an award winning British lady photographer, 1920's.
Postcards from England, Germany, Italy, Uruguay, 1880's - 1940's, military mail and associated items.
Posters for Classic British Films see www.reelstreets.com, quads (horizontal) and UK1 (vertical) sizes.
Prints, military, Victorian civilian, Spy, Ape, Vanity Fair, publicity, see www.soldierssoldiers.com or PRINTS on this site, including Lady Butler, Caton Woodville and others.
Programs / Programmes...Theater / Theatre, selection of programmes from London's West End and suburban theatres 1940's, see EPHEMERA, soon on this site.
Publicity, see prints above.
Royalty, magazines, newspapers, souvenirs, programmes, plates, mugs, some listed under www.soldierssoldiers.com.
Seals, complete set of thermo graphically embossed military seals of the British Army in India and the British Indian army, collected by Lady Roberts in the 1890's from the military envelopes received in her husband's office.
Sheet Music, see soldierssoldiers, and prints.
Stamps, huge collection, worldwide, 1860's to 1970's, Cinderellas, postal reply coupons. Send your wants list.
Toilet Paper, brought into Umbria, central Italy in the 30's for the Ducal bottom, several, thankfully pristine, rolls.


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