Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SPYs – Soldiers

Victorian Prints

Not Soldier spies. Spy was the “signature” of Leslie Ward, a commercial artist responsible for many of the Victorian caricatures, or cartoons, known as Spys.
Not a lot to do with soldiers you might think, but the interior “classy” background to stately homes, accountants, solicitors and legal offices often incorporated Victorian prints produced by the Vanity Fair company in England, and there were some fifty or more military figures illustrated.

These prints were produced for about forty years, about one each week, and therefore making a collection of a couple of thousand different subjects.

The prints were of naval and military men of the time, Gordon, Buller, Kitchener, etc., and many members of various royal families also were shown in military costume, all now highly collectable, and many now for sale.

There are many other prints available by Butler, Payne, Burnett, Simkin.

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