Monday, July 11, 2011

British Military Tournament, ongoing………..

The Household cavalry was represented by one of Britains’ classic errors, they made two different versions, one of a mounted band of the Blues, and one of the Life Guards, whereas, in fact, there was only one band, that of the Household Brigade. These Britains figures are now for sale. (see Britains), Both regiments were endlessly drawn by the great artists of the day and their photographs often appeared in the magazine The Navy & Army Illustrated , numerous copies of which are also for sale, together with several thousand other military hobby magazines, 1880 – 1980. (see Magazines) The British Military Tournament will have sales booths for memorabilia, military items and maybe Soldiers’ Soldiers.

Lancers in every shape and distinction, including dismounted bands; now there’s a rarity; are in the Soldiers’ Soldiers range, Britains settled for mounted and dismounted figures and buglers and of course the and the famous officer turning in the saddle. Dragoons, Hussars and Scots Greys were created by Soldiers’ Soldiers, marching, at ease and at attention, all with dismounted bands. (see Soldiers’ Soldiers). Harry Payne and Richard Simkin, two of the more famous artists of the day, recorded their uniforms in numerous coloured books, see our prints section. Several of which we have for disposal including a 1914 Lancer belt, yellow and red stripes and brass toggles, (see Militaria). The British Military Tournament will no doubt include various lance carrying troopers.

Piper bands for Highland and Canadian Scottish regiments were made in very small quantities for a minor Italian nobleman, painted in greater detail and of unusual regiments, and some of these boxes of Soldiers’ Soldiers are now coming onto the market. The colourful Highland bands are always popular and the large illustrated books by Colonel Percy Groves and illustrated by Harry Payne show the history of some of these famous regiments ( see Prints). The British Military Tournament and all other military displays are incomplete without the inclusion of the Scots.

Maybe you could become our agent and take a stand at the British Military Tournament. They had 51 000 visitors last year, so you should be able to shift a box or two.

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