Monday, June 20, 2011

Tournaments, Tattoos, Pageants, and Reviews - part 2

The Royal Horse Artillery, which Britains made in several versions, some of which we have for sale, has featured in every military display of any note for well over a hundred and twenty-five years, and invariably are called upon to act as coffin transporters for important funerals, however the coffin of George the Fifth was carried on a limber and pulled by Naval ratings. Illustrations in the newspapers of the day, which we also have for sale, make fascinating viewing. Artillery figures were made by Soldiers’ Soldiers in a variety of uniforms depicting the dress worn in various theatres of operations during the Victorian period.
The British Military Tournament has mounted gunners in kahkie, are they saving the guns at Maiwand? The famous picture by Fortunia Matania, in print form, is one of our offerings. Other mounted figures towing military equipment were made by Britains, RASC in blue, kahkie, home service helmets, caps and shrapnel-proof helmets.