Monday, June 13, 2011

Tournaments, Tattoos, Pageants, and Reviews of the Military - part 1

Well, after an eleven-year absence, when it was imagined that the old days of reviews, tournaments, tattoos and massed bands had finished for ever the second British Military Tournament is set for December 2011. Certainly a date for your diary.

All the old favourites are back, naval gun-team display, Household cavalry, Royal Horse Artillery, Lancers, Pipers, Bands, historical tableaux and modern men and equipment. Everything in fact, except the modern troops, that William Britain’s firm were making a hundred years ago in North London and which we, Soldiers’ Soldiers, were making, a quarter of a century ago in Lambeth, including, at that time Falklands British Infantry, modern troops, then. The British Military Tournament is organised by the services charity.

The Naval Gun Team was Britains; and they didn’t use the possessive apostrophe; see their early catalogue, and is still available from our stock, as well as a whole host of sailors from the Soldiers’ Soldiers range, including mixed boxes of officers and N.C.Os, and a print from an earlier tournament, Princess Louise’s, which shows the Naval landing party in the Boer War, in kahkie.

The famous 4.7 Naval guns were navy engineers efforts to make a field gun to support the land troops. The British Military Tournament will be a fantasy in which all our toy figures will come to life. More information on the RN figures and gun teams is available,

To be continued