Thursday, November 12, 2009


They say, “it never rains, but it pours”.

Two large collections of the world famous “Soldiers’ Soldiers” have come up in the last few of months.

This new collection is a unique assemblage of “mixed” boxes purchased from the Soldier Shop in Kennington Road, Lambeth, London in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and is due to arrive within the month. What a Christmas present!

These “mixed” sets were assembled some 35 years ago, all are boxes of original Soldiers’Soldiers 54mm lead-alloy figures and were purchased by a single collector over the period of some eight to ten years, and he preferred to have the large boxed sets, but with a mixture of contents. Usually bandsmen of one regiment “serenading” a contingent from another regiment.

Footguards playing to representatives of a Highland regiment. Red-jacketed Home Service helmeted line infantry of the Second Battalion, playing off their comrades of the First Battalion on route to Africa, India or Asia, in Foreign Service Helmets, solar topees, pith helmets or Improved Wolsleys. Etc., etc., etc, and all dressed in colonial kahkie; British troops playing to foreign armed forces, foreigners playing to Brits. A wonderful and individual assortment assembled with care, love and consideration some thirty or more years ago

This assemblage was only made possible because the collector visited the Soldier Shop in Kennington Road, Lambeth where the figures were painted, boxed and distributed and he was therefore able to “pick and mix” at will. A curious, individual, and absolutely unique collection, now available at only € 105.00 per box of 18 model soldiers, postage and packing extra depending on numbers and destination. There is only one of each box, all are in good clean order, mostly never unpacked, and represent an individual and new interesting facet of our hobby.

Any five boxes only € 99.00 each plus p&p,
for over 20 boxes deduct a further 10%, so only € 90 .00 each

Each order will receive one copy of a military/soldier/hobby magazine per box and also with any five boxes an original British World War II War Medal, mint, unused and in original slip packing..

Further details will be announced as soon as they become available.