Friday, June 26, 2009

Special Auction Services Catalogue

Catalogue just received from

Packed full of Britains, Dinky, Elastolin, Timpo etc etc. 800 lots on offer, sale on 11th July, phone 0118 971 2949, Berkshire, England.

Well worth attending, look forward to prices achieved.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Auction of lead and plastic figures

Dear sir,

We came across your e-mail address on the internet and believe you could be interested in our forthcoming auction of Toys for the Collector which will take place on Saturday 11th of July at 10.00am at our auction house: Special Auction Services, Kennetholme, Bath Road, Midgham, Berkshire, RG7 5UX, UK

Should you be interested in more details about this auction please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants: Mr Hugo Marsh ( or Mr Nigel Mynheer on telephone 0044 (0) 118 9712949
There are over 800 lots in this auction and enclosed is a listing of all 237 lots of figures (lead, plastic etc..) The illustrated catalogues for this auction will be available from the 22nd of June and cost £7.50. Alternatively you can view the catalogue on line from the 24th of June

Thank you
Kind Regards
Lucie Hobbs

Various makes: seventeen civilian figures including Crescent yellow female dunce, female teacher and male teacher; milkmen, jockey in pink waistcoat, children in seated positions, three seats, policeman, varying condition (20) £20/30 Illustrated
Various makes: railway figures and luggage, P-VG (18) £20/30 Illustrated
Lifeboat Pincushion: navy blue and white R.N.L.I. Lifeboat, underneath cast with 'Royal National Life-Boat Instn.' 'Supported By Voluntary Conts.' 100mm :. Literature: Hollowoast Civilian Toy Figures. Joplin & Dean, Schiffer Publishing Ltd 2005, page 202; a red and gold ships wheel and a stop-go throttle; red Shell fuel can, F-G (4) £20/30 Illustrated
Various makes: farm figures, two hounds, two milk churns (one lacks lid), fencing, varying condition (17) £20/30 Illustrated
Britains Deetail: sixteen mounted and unmounted Cowboys and twenty-three mounted and unmounted Indians (39) £30/40 Illustrated
Britains Safari: white and black 9594 Safari Land Rover in original box and twenty animals and birds including vulture and pelican, VG, box F-G (21) £30/50 Illustrated
Britains: 9674 Chopper Trike with Canopy in original box, VG, box F £20/30 Illustrated
Britains: fourteen Deetail British and German infantry, two signs and four tree-signs, nineteen mounted and unmounted U.S. Federal Cavalry; four-man gun team (lacks one wheel), G (44) £40/50 Illustrated
Britains: 4712 Model Zoo in original box; ten animals and two keepers, G, box £30/50 Illustrated
Britains farm: 9527 Ford 5000 Tractor, 2529 Massey-Ferguson Tractor, 1742 (ten) Hay Bales (incorrect 1740 box), 9534 Muledozer, 9564 Elevator, 9550 Trailer and 9563 in original boxes, G-VG, boxes P-G (7) £60/100 Illustrated
Britains: 4675 Ancient Siege Machine Catapult in original box, horse-drawn chariot and two mounted warriors, F-VG, box P-F £20/30 Illustrated
Timpo: 1082 Medieval Castle with figures Set in box; five Britains Knights; nineteen Knights by other makers, F-VG, box P-F corners taped £30/50 Illustrated
Timpo: horse-drawn prarie wagon and fifty-five mounted and unmounted cowboys and Indians; MTL card desert-scape; Britians stage coach with driver, guard and two passengers, F-VG £30/50 Illustrated
Britains: 9575 Land-Rover with Horsebox (lacks horse) in original box and 4719 Riding Stables with figures (lacks clocktower), F-VG £30/50 Illustrated
Britains plastic farm: twelve hands, hen house, sixty-three animals and poultry by various makers and accessories including, F-V £30/40 Illustrated
Britains Zoo: yellow lidded box with colour lid label, three palm trees, three polar bears, elephant, lioness, two lions, small elephant, boar, hog, giraffe, Zebra, seal, two monkeys, two penguins and two pelicans, G-VG, box P-F (22) £50/100 Illustrated
Composition figures: selection of wild animals, cowboy and Indians, German infantry by makers including Leyla, Elastolin and Duro, two Sentry boxes and a green wagon, P-VG, some damage £30/50
Elastolin: guards and a cowboy, some mounted, varied condition generally P-F £30/40 Illustrated
Johillco: nine marching highlanders and a Gladiator, generally F (10) £20/30
Reference books: eleven publications including Britains Toy Soldiers 1893-1932 - Opie, Phillips Guide - Opie, Armies of The World (Britains) - Wallis, Encyclopedia of Model Soldiers - Garratt, Toy Soldiers - Rose, Toy Soldiers - Joplin, Figurines D'Etain - Ortmann, Collecting Model Soldiers - Garratt, British Toy Soldiers - Joplin, Toy Soldiers - Pascal and Figurines de Plomb - Pemzec (11) £30/50
Reference books: eleven publications including Britains Toy Soldiers 1893-1932 - Opie, Phillips Guide - Opie, Armies of The World (Britians) - Wallis, Encyclopedia of Model Soldiers - Garratt, Toy Soldiers - Rose, Toy Soldiers - Joplin, Figurines D'Etain - Ortmann, Collecting Model Soldiers - Garratt, British Toy Soldiers - Joplin, Toy Soldiers - Pascall and Figures de Plomb - Pemzec (11) £30/50
Reference books: thirty-three including Collectors Guide to Model Tin Figures - Ortmann, The Art of The Toy Soldier - Kurtz, Old British Model Soldiers - Richards, Model Soldiers - Harris and Toy Armies - Johnson (33) £50/100
Britains Catalogues: 1971, 1981, 1982, sixty-one 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 and facsimilie 1953 (70) £35/50
Reference catalogues: fascimilie editions of Taylor & Barrett, Kew's Benbros, Johillco, Crown Models and Britains 1953; Auction catalouges - The Richards Collection, The Dean Collection, The Hanington Collection; On Guard catalogues £20/40
Reference catalouges: fascimilie editions of Taylor & Barrett, Kews, Benbros, Johillco, Crown Models and Britians 1953; Auction catalogues - The Richards Collection, The Dean Collection; On Guard catalogues £20/40
Britains: 2001 Black Beauty in original window-front picture packet, E, very minute fracture to cellophane £20/30 Illustrated
Johillco: 1937 Coronation Coach in original blue lidded box, 308mm, generally G, one rear axle lug fractured, box P-F £30/50 Illustrated
German figures: seven British Infantry men and one Officer marching with rifles, F-G (8) £60/100 Illustrated
Britains: dark olive green 1448 Staff Car (lacks figures), VG minute chipping to leading edges of mudguards £60/100 Illustrated
Britains: blue and white 9571 Farm Land Rover (both labels detached) and 9566 Tipping Trailer in original boxes, E, boxes G (2) £30/50 Illustrated
Crescent: 1263 Saladin Armoured Car and 1249 18-Pounder Field Gun in original boxes, E, boxes G-VG (2) £25/35 Illustrated
Britains: 00254 The Irish State Coach in original box with outer corrugated carton, E-M £35/50
Crescent plastics: twelve piece Cowboy Set in original box, F, some deterioration, box £20/40 Illustrated
Britains farm implements: 9542 Forage Harvester, 9541 Rotary Tender, 9554 Gang Roller, 9540 Manure Spreader, 9553 Disc Harrow, 9552 Transplanter, 9557 Bale Sledge, 9544 Disc Mower and 9548 Crop Spray in original boxes, VG-E, boxes F-G (9) £80/120 Illustrated
Britains Eyes Right: Set 7840 the Mounted Band of Guards in original box, E, box F, one end flap detached £30/50 Illustrated
Johillco Coronation Series: Box D. Procession in original light blue lidded box, F-VG, one front fork fractured, box P-F, some water stain marks £50/80 Illustrated
Britains: 4509 The Bahamas Police Band and 003468 US Army Band of Washington DC in original boxes (2) £40/60
Britains Wild West: 7616 Pioneer Covered Wagon and 7617 Buckboard in original boxes, E, boxes G, one cellophane window small fracture (2) £30/50 Illustrated
Britains: 9570 Massey-Ferguson Combine Harvester in original box, E, box F-G, cellophane slightly fractured £40/60 Illustrated
Britains Military Vehicles: 9780 Kettenrad Half-Track Motorcycle and 9784 8th Army Scout Car in original window boxes, E, boxes F-G (2) £30/50 Illustrated
Britains: 00254 The Irish State Coach in original box and outer corrugated carton, E-M £30/50
Britains: 8845 Bombay Infantry, 8832 Ludhiana Sikhs, 8811 4th Hussars, 8833 127th Baluch, two 00157 Band of The Life Guards and 8847 Madras Sappers in originalb oxes, E, boxes E (7) £70/100
Totley Products: pale blue-grey Naval Quick-Firing Gun with instructions in original box, some fatigue £15/25 Illustrated
Britains: Coronation Coach, G-VG £40/60 Illustrated
Elastolin: 9804 Bombarde in original box with 'Herman Wichlein, Bremen' retailers' label, E, box G, very small paper tear to lid £50/80 Illustrated
Britains Deetail: Six 8th Army in action on orange and turquoise card display plinths and two Combat Weapons Sets on card plinths £60/100 Illustrated
Britains: 1920 red and black Chessmen in original (simulated wood) card box, G, some minor chipping, box G, lid corners worn (without board) F-G £30/50 Illustrated
Britains Hunt Series: four mounted huntsmen, three mounted huntswomen, fox (partly overpainted) and ten hounds F-VG (18) £60/100 Illustrated
Mignot: attacking warriors (6) £30/50 Illustrated
Britains: from Set 1527 - eleven RAF Band, G, one drum stick replaced (11) £50/80 Illustrated
Trees: collection of thirty-two trees by various makers, P-G, some damage (32) £50/80 Illustrated
Various makes: twenty-three shrub and flower bushes, four logs, three stiles and three combination shrub/gate posts, F-G (33) £50/70 Illustrated
Britains: 138 French Cuirassiers, one officer with four troopers, overall G, officers horse chipped (6) £40/50 Illustrated
Dogs: twenty-six dogs by various makers, two kennels and a Timpo 'My Pet' Series box, F-G (28) £40/60 Illustrated
Britains: 27 Band of The Line, generally G (12) £50/80 Illustrated
Animals: fourty-four small scale farm animals, wild animals, birds, Barrett & Son cat in basket and two Liliput carts, varying condition (47) £35/50 Illustrated
Animals: one brown and one black (large scale) Spaniels 110mm and aluminium hound 78mm (3) £20/30 Illustrated
Painted terracotta figures: twenty-three standing figures in Eastern costume, overall P-F, some damage (23) £30/50 Illustrated
Elastolin: eighteen Scottish Highlanders, one mounted, some retouching and overpainting (18) £60/100 Illustrated
Elastolin: eighteen Scottish Highlanders, F, one head detached, some with surface damage (18) £40/60
Elastolin: thirteen marching British Line Infantry, one mounted, F-G (13) £60/100 Illustrated
Elastolin: 891 Medieval Catapult kit and 893 Heavy Medieval Catapult both with instructions in original boxes, E, boxes F-G (2) £40/60 Illustrated
Taylor & Barrett: two red Shell pumps and grey BP pump; Barrett & Son Dunlop yellow Dunlop air/water pump, G, slight chipping (4) £30/50 Illustrated
Street furniture: selection of pumps, oil bins, belisha beacons, street lamps, road signs and 'All Cars Stop Here' sign by various makers, P-G, some damage (41) £40/60 Illustrated
Composition animals: seventeen including horse on wheels, two Bison, Lion, Wolf and Hound F-VG (17) £60/80 Illustrated
Elastolin: 15132 1/2 Farm yard with Farm building, farm girl with bowl of grain and ten birds by Elastolin and other makers, generally F-G (12) £60/100 Illustrated
German infantry: forty-eight by Lineol, Elastolin and Leyla and three Youth figures, overall G, some P-F (51) £150/250 Illustrated
Elastolin: eight British Infantry band 100mm figures, retouched (8) £40/80 Illustrated
Composition figures: twelve Lineol and Elastolin British and American infantry; sixteen various composition figures and a Kibri bunker, varying condition (29) £50/60
Elastolin: nine Indians, (one mounted) and four Cowboys, P-G, some damage (13) £35/50 Illustrated
Elastolin Indians: four, (one mounted) and campfire, G-VG (5) £40/50 Illustrated
Composition figures: eleven farm figures and animals marked Milano Italy, some damage (11) £40/50 Illustrated
Composition figures: five Inka (France) infantry in action; eight Knights, F-G (13) £40/50 Illustrated
Industrial objects: seven barrels, furnace, seven anvils, F.G. Taylor & Son forge and fifty-seven milk churns, varying condition (72) £50/80 Illustrated
Britains: 145 RAMC Ambulance Wagon, incomplete, F, some chipping £50/80 Illustrated
Skybirds and other makes: two field guns, sandbags and figures, P-F, one tyre perished £20/30
German flats: various infantry, two grey covered wagons, owl and an Ibex, varied condition £40/50 Illustrated
Field guns: seven small scale guns including Crescent, John Hill, Simon & Rivolet and Britains (7) £40/50 Illustrated
Semi-flats: infantry, canon and three camels, P-F, some damaged £30/40
Small scale figures: PTY Limited six Swedish African Engineers in original display card, two Moko lumber wagons, Benbros cart, coronation coach, Cavendish coronation coach, five Stadded Gurkhas and sixteen various, some by 'Little Lead Figures' £60/100 Illustrated
Britains (for Wandle Games): Speedex horse racing game in original box, a semi-flats horse game and Chad Valley No.12 paper-covered plywood Seaforth Highlanders in original box (3) £60/100 Illustrated
Royalty: Britains Edward VII bust 1st August 1901, one king and three queen gold figures, two coronation coaches (one overpainted) and Timpo Queen Elizabeth on Horse in original blue lidded box, F-G, box F (8) £60/100 Illustrated
Britains and other makes: twenty-seven railway figures including red French porter, barrows, seats and Hornby Series green tinplate luggage case, P-F £35/50 Illustrated
Britains: eleven Irish Guards, bases overpainted in green (11) £40/60 Illustrated
Britains: forty-three late edition (all metal) guards and Highlanders, three mounted (43) £40/60
Britains Deetail: twenty-six guards, G (26) £25/30
Britains Deetail: thirty-five Cowboys and Indians, some mounted, G (35) £35/50
Britains Deetail: eighty-four American and German infantry, G (84) £80/120
Britains Deetail: sixty-six assorted figures including cavalry and highlanders (66) £50/70
Britains Deetail: three horse-riders and eleven Arabs, G (14) £20/30 Illustrated
Britains Deetail: fifty-five Knights, some mounted, F-G, some weapons missing (55) £30/40
Plastics Farm: three Britains vehicles load packets (incomplete) and plastic animals, fencing and three pens by various makers, G £50/60
Plastics Zoo: large selection by various makers includig two sweepers, pond, animals, feeder, keeper, birds and two child riders, overall F-VG £50/80
Britains: Madame Tussaud bust, fractured £20/30 Illustrated
Britains: Britains Dairy 9503 Milk Float (lacks man and horse) in original box, Land Rover, trailer, Ford 5000 Tractor and 9673 Norton Police Motorcycle in box, F-VG, boxes P-G (5) £30/50
Plastics: selection of small-scale farm figures by Britains and other makes, P-VG £35/50 Illustrated
Britains Cadburys Bournville Cococubs: Dan Crow, Granny Owl, Nutty Squirrel, Percy Parrot, Freddie Frog, Gussie Robin, Monty Monkey, Henrietta Fussy Feathers, Will Mouse, Bill Badger, Peter Penguin, Peter Pum Poodle, Captain Kangaroo, Mrs. Cacklegoose, Dumpty Do Duck and Silas Slink, P-G, some chipping (16) £100/150 Illustrated
Britains Cadburys Bournville Cococubs: Dan Crow, Granny Owl, Nutty Squirrel, Percy Parrot, Freddie Frog, Gussie Robin, Monty Monkey, Henrietta Fussy Feathers, Will Mouse, Bill Badger, Peter Penguin, Captain Kangaroo and Mrs. Cacklegoose, P-G (13) £70/100 Illustrated
Britains Cadburys Bournville Cococubs: Dan Crow, Granny Owl, Nutty Squirrel, Percy Parrot, Freddie Frog, Monty Monkey, Henrietta Fussy Feathers, Will Mouse and Bill Badger, P-F (9) £50/60 Illustrated
Britains Cadburys Bournville Cococubs: Dan Crow, Granny Owl, Nutty Squirrel, Percy Parrot, Freddie Frog, Monty Monkey, Henrietta Fussy Feathers and Bill Badger, P-F (8) £40/50 Illustrated
Britains Cadburys Bournville Cococubs: two Dan Crows, four Granny Owls, three Nutty Suqirrels, two Percy Parrots, two Freddie Frogs, four Monty Monkeys, two Henrietta Fussy Feathers and two Bill Badgers, P-F (21) £100/120 Illustrated
Britains Zoo: large selection of 994 green railings with one dozen box, four point-signs, nineteen green sign posts, overall G £60/100
Britains Zoo: 9015 one Tiger with one Tigress in original box and 9011 one Giant Panda with two Baby Pandas in original box; eight zoo staff by various makers P-G, boxes P-F (13) £30/50 Illustrated
Zoo animals: twenty-eight by various makers including three tapirs, antelope, baby panda, five storks, two elephants, two monkeys, camel with girl rider, seal, two polar bears, two tigers, two lions, kangaroo, deer, two wild hounds and two bears, P-G (28) £45/60 Illustrated
Zoo animals: twenty-six by various makers including two lions, two tigers, polar bear, camel with girl rider, seal, monkey in tree, elephant, pelican, four storks, panda, boar, three tapirs, three bears, monkey, two antelopes and kangaroo P-G (26) £45/60 Illustrated
Zoo animals: twenty-five by various makers including two bears, zebra, wart hog, three tapirs, hippopotamus, pelican (head detached), baby panda, four storks, three monkeys, elephant with rider, camel, seal, polar bear, tiger, two lions, leopard and squirrel, P-G (25) £40/60 Illustrated
Zoo animal: twenty-three by various makers including two tapirs, two bears, crocodile, zebra, rhinoceros, panda, two monkeys, four storks, (large) stork elephant parrot, camel, seal, polar bear, two lions and tiger, P-G (23) £40/60 Illustrated
Farm figures: fifty-eight by Britains and other makers, boxes for 5026 and 5029, P-F, some damage (58) £50/60
Farm figures: nineteen by various makers including Timpo Farmer with Prize Bull (rope incorrect), F-G (19) £40/50 Illustrated
Various makes: forty-seven small scale horses, varying condition, generally P-F (47) £50/60 Illustrated
Taylor & Barrett: two Donkey Huts; five donkeys F-G (7) £20/30 Illustrated
Farm: six scarecrows, two wells with buckets and seventeen haystacks, F-G (25) £40/50 Illustrated
Farm: selection of fencing by various makes £20/30
Farm: kennels, troughs, cages, Taylor & Barrett Mill House and top (only) of dovecot, F (35) £30/50 Illustrated
Sheep: fifty-seven by various makers, P-G (57) £35/50 Illustrated
Various makes: forty-three poultry and wildfowl and eight dogs, F-G (51) £30/40 Illustrated
Various makes: twelve goats and twenty donkeys, P-G (32) £30/50 Illustrated
Various makes: forty-two cows and twelve pigs, a Britains No. 3/9 box, P-F (54) £30/50 Illustrated
Cows: thirty-nine cows and bulls, P-G (39) £40/50 Illustrated
Britains plastic buildings: 4720 Livery Stable, 4724 National Bank and 4717 Ranch House; Bayko greenhouse; wood stable, farm building and a Minic garage (6) £50/100
Britains: early 1980's vehicles: 9580 Animal Transporter, 9582 Flatbed Transporter 9595 Unimog Gritting Truck, 9583 Tipper Truck, 9512 Farm Land Rover and 9421 Jeep in original boxes, E, boxes, F-VG, some cellophane windows damaged (6) £35/50
Britains: 9530 Deutz Tractor, 7177 Riding Set, 1743 Bales, 9518 Renault Tractor, 9565 Tipping Trailer, 9533 Low Loader, 9555 Animal Trailer, 9550 Fold-Up Cultivator, 9573 Chevy Farm Service Vehicle, 9579 Elevator, 9558 Eight-wheel trailer, 9551 Mini-Trailer, 9541 Potato Planter and 9539 Bale Transporter in originalb oxes, VG-E, boxes F-VG (14) £70/100
Britains: 4709 Atcost Farm Builder Set, 9577 Seed Drill, 9531 Grass Mower, 9567 Chafer Sprayer, 9527 Fiat Tractor, 1716 Animal Pens, 9550 Fold-Up Cultivator, 9544 Seed Drill, 9537 Vari-Spreader, 9568 Manure Spreader, 9513 Sanderson Fork Lift, 9560 Vacuum Tanker, 9561 Cultivator Herse, 9552 Disc Harrow in original boxes, horse box, VG-E, boxes F-VG (15) £70/100
Carbens and other makes: Pure Milk Cart, yellow cart (both incomplete), milk-float men, mongers and cart horses, P-G, two hounds (40) £40/50 Illustrated
Charbens: two mongers carts, five ride carts, eight baskets and ten donkeys, F-G (17) £40/50 Illustrated
Various makers: Simone & Rivolet horse-drawn carts, ten carts, three rollers, eight baskets, F-G, one overpainted (22) £60/100
Britains: eight carts, two rakes, disc harrow, five various boxes, varying condition, some damage £60/80
Various makes: Morestone milk cart; Charbens: cart with donkey, monger and two baskets, two Goat carts with riders, four goats; Metal Models cart, Hillco donkey P-G £50/60 Illustrated
Taylor & Barrett: Llama cart ride with keeper and two child riders, Llama (and two other keepers), six carts, donkey, six baskets and T & B for Cetanco yellow and red milk float with Churn P-G £60/80 Illustrated
Horses: thirty-four by various makers and three bulls, P-G (37) £40/60
Britains: 9547 Hose Drum Irrigator, 9545 Roller, 9520 Massey-Ferguson Tractor, 9575 New Holland Combine Harvester, 9548 Flexicoil Packer, 9597 Mercedes-Benz Trac 1500, 9576 Corn King Combine harvester, 7160 Sheep Dip, 9526 Mercedes-Benz Tractor, 9800 eight Workmen, 9549 Roller and 9532 Baler in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-E (12) £60/100
Horses: thirty-eight cart horses by various makers, P-F (38) £40/80
Horses: twenty cart horses by various makers, F-VG (20) £70/100 Illustrated
Reynolds (H.R. Products): Treasure Island Series 'Famous Pirates - Fact and Fiction' Set, circa 1951 - Cutty Carver, Captain Hook, Black Jack (lacks Cutlass), Long John Silver and Wall-Eye Jim (lacks dagger), F-G, some chipping (5) :. literature Hollow-Cast Figures - N. Joplin, New Cavendish 1993 page 132 £40/60 Illustrated
Britains: twenty British Infantry and steel helmets with gas masks, some from Set 1613, overall G, two incomplete (20) £70/100 Illustrated
Britains: (from Set 1654) three Dwarfs, F (3) £40/50 Illustrated
Taylor & Barrett: Roman Chariot with Charioteer and one (only) horse: three white and red Timpo Circus horses with baskets, F (9) £30/40 Illustrated
Britains: 12h Gull on alabaster base with calendar, three smaller gulls, four chess pieces; two Benbros Mutch the Millers Son; Kew Dismal Desmond; brass charm P-G (13) £40/50 Illustrated
Britains: four 80mm Highlanders, one 70mm Highlander, Lifeboatman 80mm; and Hillco black Lifeboatman 80mm, F-G (7) £35/50 Illustrated
French figures: two 70mm officers and two sailors F-G (4) £25/35 Illustrated
Britains: Three 1318 Machine Gunners in box and two Machine Gunners sitting, G, box G-VG £30/40 Illustrated
Britains: from set 77 seven Gordon Highlanders and Piper, G-VG (8) £30/50 Illustrated
Britains: from set 212 eight Royal Scots, F-G, some chipping (8) £40/50 Illustrated
Britains Racing Colours: white horse with 'His Majesty The King' colours and fawn horse, F-G, one jockey's foot missing (2) £20/40 Illustrated
Tinted figures: mounted guards tinted gold and other colours (18) £15/25
Knights: various makers including Timpo Round Table green Lancer, Courtney, German and Britains, varying condition (33) £40/80 Illustrated
Britains 'W' Series: six B model Highlanders; horse-team, generally F, some chipping £40/50 Illustrated
St Johns Ambulance: Stretcher-bearers, doctors and two wounded soldiers, P-G, some overpainting (16) £20/30
French 60mm figures: forty-five blue-coat infantry marching, lying and firing, three with gas masks and two canteen staff, P-F (45) £60/100
Britains: six Highlander Pipers, G-VG £40/50 Illustrated
French makes: various 60mm figures including arab on camel; playworn pieces (incomplete) and unpainted white metal castings, overall P £20/40
Cowboys and Indians: forty-eight by various makers, P-G, some incomplete (48) £30/50
Guards: forty-five, majority by Britains and Hill and a tinplate sentry box, P-G (46) £70/100 Illustrated
Various makes: sixty-one various infantry including two wardens in gas masks, three (from set 1435) Italian Infantry in steel helmets, Yeomanry and thirteen cotton tents, P-G, some damage (74) £60/100
Britains: thirty-four Guards, P-G, some damage (34) £60/80 Illustrated
Field Guns: Britains 25 Pounder Howitzer with original orange and white card label, 1264 Naval Gun, two Waterloo Cannons, two guns; two grey Cannons with limbers and two small-scale cannons; empty boxes for Britains 1201 and Benbros 24, P-G (12) £40/60
Britains: Liliput Series - winch lorry (for barrage baloon), three gas - cylinder packs; four anti-aircraft guns, searchlight on stand; Crescent Limber; grey wagons and lid from Britains 1726 box, P-G £40/50 Illustrated
Britains military vehicles: 1642 Underslung Heavy Duty Lorry with electric Mounted Searchlight (lacks one door and driver), 1335 Six-Wheeled Army Lorry (lacks driver), two Beetle Lorries with drivers (both with some embellishment), Bren Gun Carrier with Driver, Gunner and Second Guard and Caterpillar Tractor (lacks figures), F-G (6) £200/300 Illustrated
Wendal: mounted Life Guards Bugler; six aluminium mounted Horseguards and a troop (possibly Quiralu) G and F with some chipping (8) £30/50 Illustrated
Various makes: Heyde Officer with sword on white horse; 75mm Fireman; Britains turk on horse; overpainted T&B table with chairs; Timpo composition pilot 58mm; sheep, crow, goat (mascot), celluloid seated figure; Elastolin Indian firing bow (lacks arrow), two telegraph poles, sign-posts, donkeys, horses and a ceramic hut; Blarney ebony pot, varying condition (36) £45/60
Modern figures: Blenheim Models Royal Engineers Pontoon in original box; Corgi F07281 Mounted Lifeguard; Kingcast Royal Navy Field Gun Competition 1907 in original box and Home and Enemy Ramp; Bastion Ms. Christmas; two Clive Patmore Burlington Arcade Guards on bases; two Sleazy Couples in yellow lidded boxes; Silver Jubilee model; Britains - three Metal Models Indian Army; Baloon (400mm including suspended basket); fourteen figures; a diecast three-piece mounted guards band £50/100
Various makes: twelve sailors, two anchors, P-F (14) £10/20
Various makes: eighteen highlanders including five Britains (from set 213 Highland Light Infantry, P-F (18) £20/40
45mm and 50mm scale: eighteen painted figures of infantry, two Indian soldiers, two civilians, some by Prigader (18) £30/50 Illustrated
Various makers: thirty-three civilian figures including Brigians policemen, Crescent Telephone (kneeling) engineer, drivers and mongers, Ku-Zu cricketer, varying condition, P-G, some worn (33) £20/40 Illustrated
Britains: 067 Garden Pond with statue and water Lily, VG £50/80 Illustrated
Britains Garden: seven 624 Flint Wall (straight sections), four 063 Posts for Balustrading, seventeen Balustrading (short sections) and 061 Balustrading, F-G (29) £40/60 Illustrated
Britains Garden: two 018 Interlaced Board Fence with Trellis, thirty red 059 Flower Pots with Saucers, 013 (part) Arch, 633 Stone Pillar, three 016 Round Tubs, four 047 Square Tubs, cart, cold frame, point-sign and nine 059 Seed Boxes, F-VG £40/50 Illustrated
Britains Garden Flower Beds: five 01 Straight Sections, eight 03 Return Square Sections eighteen 06 Finishing Corner Sections, 065 Round Bed, 066 Square Bed, six small 048 sections, three 02 Finishing Circular Sections, cork lawn tiles and wood terrace-levelling blocks, overall G-VG, two P-F £60/100 Illustrated
Britains Garden: eleven 015 Mounds, two 025 Poppies, four 040 Hyacinths, twelve 043 Snowdrops, ten Crocus and thirty-eight assorted flowers, F-G (77) £40/50
King Cast: Artillery Sets P1 and P2 with box lids, E (2) £40/80
Various makers: selection of garden items incluidng F.G. Taylor bridge and dovecote, Johillco wheelbarrow, Togga wheelbarrow, three loofah bushes, Elastolin cockerel, scarecrow, figures and bridges, P-G (50) £30/40
Britains Garden: 057 and 058 Upper and Lower Rockery Steps, 056 Rocery Outer Corner, two 055 Rockery Inner Return Corners, Seven 07 Posts for Stone Walling, seventy-five 09 Crazy Paving Slabs and eight 012 Stone Walls, F-G (95) £60/100 Illustrated
Britains Garden: Dovecote, four seats, roller, three sundials, ladder, three logs, border, hedge, five figures and wheelbarrow, F-VG (20) £60/100 Illustrated
Britains flowers: one-hundred and nine 031 Antirrhinum, G (109) £50/100 Illustrated
Britains flowers: one-hundred and five 034 Gladioli, G (105) £50/100 Illustrated
Britains flowers: thirty-seven (three and four bloom) 026 Lupin, nine 030 Hollyhock, forty-six 046 Sweet Alyssum and seven 044 Daffodil, G (99) £60/100 Illustrated
Britains flowers: forty-five (one and two bloom) 021 Geranium, twenty-four 041 tulips, seventeen 036 Foxglove and fourteen 037 Crysanthemum, G (100) £60/100 Illustrated
Britains flowers: twenty-two 032 and 033 Dahlia, nineteen 045 Narcissus, twenty-five 029 Aster, fifteen 023 Conifer, ten 022 (three headed and four headed Torch Lily (red hot poker), five 039 Delphinium, eight 028 Bush Rose and three 038 Full Standard Rose, G (107) £60/100 Illustrated
Britains and Hill: British Infantry including Motorcycle, Range Finder, Predictor/Operator, Height Finder, observers on reclined chairs, F-VG (16) £40/50 Illustrated
Various makes: fifty-seven British Infantry, varying condition (57) £60/100
Monarch (Johillco) Arbenz distributors: six Royal Army service Corps, two Royal Marines and six Khaki Malta regiment, overall G-VG, three arms missing (14) £60/80 Illustrated
Britains: six Life Guards Trumpeters in state dress, P-F, one arm missing (6) £30/50 Illustrated
Britains: three 190 Belgian Cavalry, two 9307 Sovereigns Standard Escorts, two Guards and four Life Guards in Winter Dress, F-G (11) £60/80 Illustrated
Various: three painted white metal mounted officers; Timpo Mounted Guard; ten Britains mounted figures including 12th Royal Lancers, 7th Queens Own Hussars, 1st Kings Dragoons and Canada Trooper, P-VG (14) £60/100 Illustrated
Britains: four Dragoon Guards and Six Horse Guards, F-G £50/70 Illustrated
Britains: Set 28 Mountain Gun of The Royal Artillery, circa 1965, VG-E, one head detached (12) £50/60 Illustrated
Britains: Duke of Connaughts Lancer (Bombay Lancer) in navy blue coat and (from set 1258) Knights In Armour Marshall (lacks plume) (2) £20/30 Illustrated
Crescent: 809 Royal Artillery Territorials Team (lacks gun) (11) £30/50 Illustrated
Zulus: three Hanks & Sutton (one arm missing); four Johillco; four Britains, F-G (11) £45/60 Illustrated
Britains: Set 202 West Africa Togoland Warriors (dark finish) in original box and eleven (mid-dark finish), F-G, three bows missing, two detached, two missing bases, box P-F (18) £70/100 Illustrated
Britains plastic Floral Garden: 2584 Pergola (Herald) Garden Shed, two Ponds, Fence panels, stone walls, rockery beds with rocks, three green houses, fifteen crazy-paving pieces, roller, beds, planters, two gardeners, flowers, seed-trays, chicken, two chairs, F-G £60/100
Britains plastic Floral Garden: two 2569 sixteen pieces Crazy Paving in original boxes, three 2568 Garden lawns, 2572 Rock Pool, 2586 Fences, 2583 Stone Walls and Pillars, 2560 Brick Edging, 2547 Roses, 2546 Climbing Roses, 2536 Rock Plants, 2597 Garden Swing Couch in original boxes and Herald H2536 Assorted Rock Plants in original packet, E, boxes G-VG £70/100 Illustrated
Timpo plastics: Knights in Armour, Cowboys, horse, wig-wam componants and spares (26) £30/40 Illustrated
Plastics: one hundred and eighty-four by various makers including Airfix British Commanders, infantry, cavalry and six Brent Toy 'Elastolene' Soldiers, varied condition (184) £60/100
Crescent plastics: Cavalry, infantry, arab and three knights (82) £40/50
Cherilea and Lone-Star plastics: thirty-three cherilea including Knights, troops, pilot; sixty-nine Lone-Star including troops and King Arthur, varying condition (102) £35/50
Britains and Herald: fifty plastic farm sereis including horses, poultry, fencing and figures; twenty-three cowboy and Indians Series including totem poles, raft, wigwam and figures, overall G (73) £40/50
Britains and Herald plastics: highlanders, troops, Knights in armour, cavalry, military dinghy, guards, sentry boxes, H.407 Pikeman and others, varying condition (82) £50/60 Illustrated
Britains 1292 Racing Cyclists 1962-1965: one standing, one resting, one sprinting, VG (3) £30/40 Illustrated
German plastics: fifty-five by Elastolin and Merten - Romans, Tudors, Indian and troops, varying scales, overall G (55) £50/60 Illustrated
Starlux plastics: fifty various serviceman, overall G (50) £40/50 Illustrated
Various makers: three Britains 2058 Confederate Infantry with box, loose figures including Hill, chariots with horses, Crescent 704 box (only); assorted military vehciles, guns and artillery, P-F, majority overpainted £60/80
Plastics: various subjects by Crescent, Herald and Tudor Rose includig space, cowboys and Indians, Robin Hood, varying condition, nine Elastolin (84) £40/50 Illustrated
Lone Star plastics: fifty-six cowboys and Indians eighteen assorted figures including pirates and Romans, four diecast catapults, varying condition (68) £30/50
Various makes: JoHillco/Cherilea kneeling Spaceman; six Britains guards; fifty-six timpo cowboys, Indians and Knights in armour, varying condition (63) £20/40 Illustrated
Britains: three amels, one rider, overall G (4) £25/35 Illustrated
Various makes: Timpo Queen Elizabeth on Horse in origianl box; twenty-nine farm animals and figures by different makers, P-G (30) £25/30
Zoo animals: twenty-five by Cherilea, Taylor & Barrett and Barrett & Son, keeper, kiosk, turnstile and two railings, F-G (30) £40/50 Illustrated
German Flats: sixty-eight Knights in armour, G (68) £30/40 Illustrated
German Flats: one-hundred and ninety-eight including infantry, arab, cannons and racehorse, F-VG (198) £50/100 Illustrated
German Flats: one-hundred and eighty-seven various infantry, equestrian and on foot, F-VG (187) £50/100 Illustrated
German Flats: one-hundred and ninety-one various infantry, equestrian and on foot, F-VG (191) £50/100 Illustrated
Timpo Quentin Durward Historical Figures: HF 506 William De La Marck (standing) with sword, HF 507 Gluckmeister (standing) with red bow in original boxes and Philip de Creville with sword, VG-E, boxes G-VG (3) £30/50 Illustrated
Timpo: nine Knights of The Round Table, F-G (9) £35/50 Illustrated
Plastics: selection of cowboys and Indians by various makers including Timpo, Herald, Leyal, Hilco, Crescent, Tudor Rose and Lone Star, P-G (144) including separate horses and riders £35/50
Plastics: Knights in armour by various makers, some mounted including Crescent, Lone Star and Timpo; five Herald Robin Hood characters, F-G, some small parts missing (41) £35/50 Illustrated
Timpo: ten mounted Knights in Armour, majority with jousting poles, generally F (10) £45/60 Illustrated
Mounted Knights: nine by various makers including Cherilea overall G (9) £40/50 Illustrated
Timpo: plastics - 2000 Mounted Cowboy in original colour box and KN 41 Mounted Roman in plain card box; and twenty Knights in armour, mainly Timpo, varying condition (22) £30/40
Plastics: one-hundred and forty-two military, guards and motorcycles by various makers including Crescent, Lone Star, Timpo, Hilco and Herald, overall G (142) including separate riders £35/50
Cowboys and Indians: twenty-two by various makers including Britains and Timpo; three spare riders, P-VG (25) £30/35 Illustrated
Various makes: two Crescent mounted guards, various African infantry, British infantry and Britains odds, F-G, some P (29) £20/30 Illustrated
Cherilea: 15th Century Mounted Knight with shield and helmet (lacks pole and one riders foot) in original red and purple box and 365 Mounted Knight with helmet and shield (lacks pole, one horse leg fractured) in original plain card box with tissue wrap, G-VG, boxes G (2) £30/50 Illustrated
Military vehicles: Britains 1292 Field Gun in original box; Merit Field Gun (two shells) in original box (elastic band perished); two Tudor Rose armoured card; Lone Star Armoured Car, E, boxes G-VG (5) £30/50 Illustrated
Britains: five Mounted Lifeguards in a Britains box, VG, box P-F (5) £50/70 Illustrated
Britains mounted Hussars: three 4th Hussars and one 11th Hussar in Britains box, VG, box P-F (4) £45/60 Illustrated
Britains: (from Set 74) The Royal Welch Fusiliers - eleven and Goat Mascot with original box, VG-E, box P-F, end label detached (12) £60/100 Illustrated
Various makers: three Britains Mounted Royal Scots Greys, five various guards, Searchlight on Trailer; twenty-one playworn figures and a stretcher, S & P guards box, P-E (30) £45/60 Illustrated
Britains: (from Set 11) The Black Watch - eight charging, two Piprs in original box, VG-E, one base detached, box P-F (10) £60/70 Illustrated
Britains: (from Set 35) six Royal Marines (Marching at The Slope in Britains box, G-E, one with minor chipping and lacking finial, box P-F (6) £50/70 Illustrated
Britains: (from Set 312) seven Grenadier Guards in grey Winter Overcoats in Britains box, VG-E, box P-F (7) £50/70 Illustrated
Britains: (from Set 1349) four Royal Canadian Mounted POlice in Regulation Summer Dress in Britains box, G-E, box F (4) £40/60 Illustrated
Britains: (from Set 2089) six Gloucestershire Regiment Marching at The slope in No.1 Dress in original box with inner card, VG-E, box F (6) £50/60 Illustrated
Britains: 2001 Black Beauty in original window box, E, box G £20/30 Illustrated
Britains Herald Series: five Cowboys with 'Dead Man's Gluch' sign in original window box, E-M, box E £20/30 Illustrated
Cherilea: One Dozen Assorted Zoo Animals in original colour shop retailers' one-dozen Trade Box with two 'retail price 9d' applied labels, with tissue wraps (12) £20/30 Illustrated

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New toy soldiers collection

It is a pleasure for us to introduce the web page of Astur Toys painting and sculpting studio.

With more than 15 years experience, our work is guaranteed.

We are inaugurating this virtual site with our own new range of Toy Soldiers. Once the edition is finished the moulds are destroyed, so that the pieces acquire a market value.

Ref: ET01 “Asedio a la Villa medieval de Gijón, 1395”
1/32 -54mm ,Resin Kit - LIMITED EDITION TO 75 COPIES
Mesures19cm high X 16cm long X 8cm wide
Modeled by Marco Navas
Included 5 figures and casttle, Incluye 5 figuras con el escenario del castillo, certificado de autenticidad firmado por el autor de la obra Marco Navas, 2 marcalibros exclusivos y se presenta en caja a color estilo retro.

Delivery time of 4 weeks to 8

Monday, June 01, 2009

A Scottish Regiment

A Scottish regiment is any regiment (or similar military unit) that at some time in its history has or had a name that referred to Scotland or some part, thereof, and adopted items of Scottish dress. These regiments were and are usually a product of the British Empire, either directly serving the United Kingdom, serving as colonial troops, or later as part of Commonwealth country military establishments. Their "Scottishness" is not necessarily due to recruitment in Scotland nor any proportion of members of Scottish ancestry. Traditionally, Scottish regiments cultivate a reputation of exceptional fierceness in combat and are often given romantic portrayals in popular media. Within Scotland, itself, regiments of the Scottish Lowlands did not adopt as strong a "Scottish" (specifically Highland Scottish) character until the late Victorian Era.

Highland Regiments

Many of these regiments are also known as "Highland regiments" or "Highland Scottish/Scot/Scots regiments" due to their adopting of Highland Scottish apparel. Many extant Highland regiments that are not in the armed forces of the United Kingdom have formed formal honorary affiliations with Highland regiments therein.

Scottish Regiments of the British Army

Current Regiments
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
Scots Guards
Royal Regiment of Scotland

Lowland Line Infantry (Lowland Brigade)
The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) (1633-2006)
The Royal Scots Fusiliers (1678 - 1959)
The King's Own Scottish Borderers (1689 - 2006)
The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) (1881 - 1968)
52nd Lowland Regiment

Highland Line Infantry (Highland Brigade)
The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) (1725 - 2006)
The Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment) (1881 - 1959)
The Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's) (1881 - 1961)
The Gordon Highlanders (1881 - 1994)
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (1793 - 1961)
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's) (1881 - 2006)
51st Highland Volunteers

Yeomanry of Scotland
Ayrshire (Earl of Carrick's Own) Yeomanry
Lothian and Border Horse
Lanarkshire Yeomanry
Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry
Fife and Forfar Yeomanry/Scottish Horse
Lovat Scouts
Queen's Own Lowland Yeomanry
Scottish Yeomanry

Scottish and Highland Regiments in other countries

5th/6th Battalion, Royal Victoria Regiment (Victorian Scottish Regiment)
10th/27th Battalion, Royal South Australia Regiment (Boothby and South Australian Scottish Regiment)
16th Battalion, Royal Western Australia Regiment (Cameron Highlanders)
41st Battalion, Royal New South Wales Regiment (Byron Scottish Regiment)

1st Air Defence Regiment (Lanark and Renfrew Scottish)
48th Highlanders of Canada
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's)
The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
The Calgary Highlanders
The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's)
The Essex and Kent Scottish
The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment
The Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment)
The Nova Scotia Highlanders
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada
The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders
The Toronto Scottish Regiment (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's Own)

South Africa
Pretoria Highlanders
Transvaal Scottish Regiment
Cape Town Highlanders Regiment
First City Regiment

United States
79th New York Volunteer Infantry

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Many of these regiments are represented in the Soldiers’ Soldiers range.