Sunday, April 12, 2009

Southlands miniatures

Hello, my name is Federico Colucci and I am the sales maneger for South Lands Miniatures. South lands is new miniatures company located in Buenos Aires Argentina. Our firs line, call, “The Grattan Massacre” and is focus in one of the earlyst confrontation betweenn native americans and U.S. soldiers.

The Grattan Massacre took place on August 19, 1854. It occurred east of Fort Laramie, Nebraska Territory, USA, when thirty U.S. soldiers, led by Second Lieutenant John Lawrence Grattan (a recent military graduate with no Indian experience)and a civilian were killed by Oglala and Brulé Lakota (Sioux) after one of the soldiers had shot their Chief Conquering Bear in the back. It was an early and significant event in the plains Indian Wars ending the peace between the Laramie soldier fort and the surrounding Sioux tribes.

The “Grattan Massacre” line will consist of 20 figures, all handmade in our workshop located in Buenos Aires.
Here are some photos of the miniatures, for more information about South lands and the minatures you can check our blog at .

Thanks you for your time and if you are interested in our products or if you have any questions, please, send us a mail.

Federico Colucci