Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Royal Tank Regiment, North Africa, 1942

Dear John

Thanks very much for your reply, and the photo of your father. As a matter of fact, I was enquiring not because I had a relative in the regiment, but because my father, Richard Stone, who was a photographer for the Ministry of Information, did the photographs for a photostory about the birth of a soldier's son at Southmead Hospital, in Bristol, in September 1942, which was subsequently published in 'Parade' magazine. It was on this assignment that my father met my mother, Margaret Dyer, who was the sister in charge of the maternity ward at the time!

The story was about the birth of Peter Winston Stacey, whose father was Trooper Cyril Wilfred Bertram Stacey, who was in North Africa in the Royal Tank Regiment at the time. My father's photos are now catalogued on line in the Imperial War Museum Collections - the Birth of a Soldier's Son series are photos D10433 to D10465 in the collection. However, we do not have a copy of the actual publication in the family, which would be nice for obvious sentimental reasons.

There were also some pics taken of the baby's father in North Africa, hearing the news about the birth on the radio phone. However, I don't know who took these or their serial numbers - but they are in the IWM. They also featured in the 'Parade' piece.

Just letting you know all this as I thought it may be of interest.

all the best