Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Permissions request re Miniature Warfare

John, in addition to the three figure identification blogs listed below, I am now thinking of adding a fourth on Vintage Wargaming.

The idea would be for it to be about Old Wargaming and I would like to use old articles, photographs, adverts, figure reviews etc from old publications. Among the magazines I have are a complete run of Miniature Warfare and I was wondering whether you would give me permission to use material from it on the blog (particularly some of the photographs). There would be no commercial aspect to this at all, no subscription, no advertising etc (except from the 1970s, if you see what I mean). Sources would be acknowledged.

The idea really is to make some of the ephemera which can be hard to find accessible to a wider range of people – there has been considerable interest in information from old catalogues for example, and posts on Triang rubber buildings and Merit plastic trees and scenic accessories on the blog have generated a lot of interest.

Would you be willing to let me use material from Miniature Warfare in this way? I think there would be a lot of interest in it.


Clive Smithers