Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pautard lead soldier factory in London c 1899

Please can you tell me if you have ever come across a manufacturer of lead Toy Soldiers called Maximillian Pautard.

.............Sorry, no

He had a factory in the Caledonian Rd in London

.............and I lived less than a mile away in Camden Road in th 1970's

and is registered as a Toy maker in 1899 trade directory but he must have still been producing soldiers until 1920’s as a relative (now deceased) can remember as a child in the 1920’s visiting the factory and getting some of the soldiers that were made there (sadly these no longer exist in the family)

..........local library Cencus search, and Kelly's Directory search?

I appreciate there were probably hundreds of small manufacturers making lead toys in London at this time. My ancestor Maximillian originated from France and there is a family history of both toy making and also working in lead in the ammunitions trade. Is there any way of tracing the factory other than the address ?

...........John Garratt's book Encyclopedia of Toy Soldiers published in the 60's
– maybe it went by another name other than Pautards.

Many thanks if you can give me any info on this

..........I'll blog your letter, someone else might know

Best wishes
John Tunstill


Nicky Hunter (nee Pautard)