Thursday, September 04, 2008

Soldiers, sailors, chinese, ships and films

I've been doing on-off research into 'Yangtse Incident' (as an expansion of my webpage about HMS Amethyts's ship's cat), and found that - luckily - the logs of the ships used in the filming are at the National Archives, so they've provided quite a bit of useful information on how the "at sea" scenes were shot.

..............did you ever see the Sand Pebbles, Steve McQueen , and 55 Days in Peking, Charlton Heston, or even my soldiers and sailors on

I ended up with a bit more spare time than expected last night, so I'm able to send the first batch of discs today, as follows:

'Silver Bears'
'The Clouded Yellow'
'Rogue Male' God, what speed, what efficiency! Thanks.

The last copy is NTSC, as it came from an American DVD, and I already had an intermediate file I could quickly copy from. If it doesn't play OK for you, let me know and I'll encode a PAL Euro-standard replacement.

................Goodness, and a techy as well!!

If we count the first title to cover a six month subscription,


and the second and third as excanges for 'Otley' and 'The Liquidator',


I'll work out the remainder once I've checked the lists again.




Best Wishes,