Tuesday, September 02, 2008

White Uniformed Britains King's African Rifles

Dear Mr. Tunstill,

Several years ago, in an Old Toy Soldier Newsletter I read at a friend's house, I saw a story on Old Britains lost boxes.
There was a group of KAR soldiers in white uniforms, a red or light blue sash (can't really remember) and red fez. As far as I can remember, the arm was changed to a slopearms, instead of the usual KAR shoulder arms with a fixed bayonnet.
This friend is unfortunately deceased and I couldn't see the mag any longer. I have tried contacting OTSN, but got no answer, as they have changed publisher and do not hold an inventory of old issues.
Could you help?
Dennis Hanson
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I've got many of the old issues, but without a date it's impossible to find individual articles. I'll blog your letter in hope..............

Best wishes