Thursday, September 04, 2008

Soldiers, sailors, chinese, ships and films

I've been doing on-off research into 'Yangtse Incident' (as an expansion of my webpage about HMS Amethyts's ship's cat), and found that - luckily - the logs of the ships used in the filming are at the National Archives, so they've provided quite a bit of useful information on how the "at sea" scenes were shot.

..............did you ever see the Sand Pebbles, Steve McQueen , and 55 Days in Peking, Charlton Heston, or even my soldiers and sailors on

I ended up with a bit more spare time than expected last night, so I'm able to send the first batch of discs today, as follows:

'Silver Bears'
'The Clouded Yellow'
'Rogue Male' God, what speed, what efficiency! Thanks.

The last copy is NTSC, as it came from an American DVD, and I already had an intermediate file I could quickly copy from. If it doesn't play OK for you, let me know and I'll encode a PAL Euro-standard replacement.

................Goodness, and a techy as well!!

If we count the first title to cover a six month subscription,


and the second and third as excanges for 'Otley' and 'The Liquidator',


I'll work out the remainder once I've checked the lists again.




Best Wishes,


Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Hi, I'm Mr. Leandro,

I'm a Sculptor, i just want to inquire if you still need some sculpting job done, here is the link of some sample of my work:

My Price: $7 per mm

Thanks, Hope to hear from you.

Regards, Leandro


Nice work, I'll blog your reference on site

Best wishes

John Tunstill

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

White Uniformed Britains King's African Rifles

Dear Mr. Tunstill,

Several years ago, in an Old Toy Soldier Newsletter I read at a friend's house, I saw a story on Old Britains lost boxes.
There was a group of KAR soldiers in white uniforms, a red or light blue sash (can't really remember) and red fez. As far as I can remember, the arm was changed to a slopearms, instead of the usual KAR shoulder arms with a fixed bayonnet.
This friend is unfortunately deceased and I couldn't see the mag any longer. I have tried contacting OTSN, but got no answer, as they have changed publisher and do not hold an inventory of old issues.
Could you help?
Dennis Hanson
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I've got many of the old issues, but without a date it's impossible to find individual articles. I'll blog your letter in hope..............

Best wishes


Monday, September 01, 2008

Hinton Hunt and other vintage 20mm figures identification blogs


I just wanted to let you know about two blogs I have set up to help people trying to identify vintage 20mm wargames figures.

The Hinton Hunter concentrates on Hinton Hunt (!). To date it covers the Napoleonic, ACW, ECW, Medieval and Colonial ranges; probably Crimean next.

Its URL is

I have also just started a second blog, The Old Metal Detector, to complement this with stuff on other manufacturers. It is at

I wondered if you would be able to draw them to the intention of anyone you think would be interested, and also to anyone who might be able to provide photographs of any of the figures which are currently missing.


Clive Smithers