Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Miniature Warfare

Hi John.

I will pick up some Euro's on Monday....for Miniature Warfare.

Looking at the cover of volume 1 No 12. I can now tell that the lovely 7 years war figs have been converted (very nicely) from Airfix WW1 Brits and ACW Cavalry!!!

I havent seen Joe Dever (Lone Wolf) in years. He did some work with Games Workshop, on a couple of books and some articles for White Dwarf magazine. If you find youself in contact with him again please send him my regards..

As far as blame is concerned....for getting me into the business I should also blame you...along with Donald Featherstone, Blandfords Military Uniforms of the World, the T.V. series Callan and my English teacher (for reading me the Hobbit)!!!!!

I too make my living from Toy Soldiers and Wargaming...

A 'Senior' Designer at Games Workshop...!!

And I thank you all....

All the best Aly..