Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wiking Modell Ships

Hallo, my name is Diego Colombo. I apologize for my bad English.

.................You English is wonderful, you should hear my Italian,
Spanish and French!!!

Kroeber Andreas (Wiking Modell) gave me your e-mail address.


I have got 48 Original model of ships and war ships of the Second World War. They had been producted by Wiking Modell for German Army. they include war ships, cargo ships and others. They are completely metallic and every ship rappresent a real ship, infact they have printed on the under side the name of a real existed ship (italian, american and others). These models had be used by german Officials in a Military Headquarter. the Officials put the ships on a sea map to see where real ships were.

After an American attack the headquarter had been distroyed and the ship rescued and taken away by an Italian Soldier. My question is: if i wanto to sell them how could i know the real price of these ships?

.............Here I can't help, but maybe putting a couple onto Ebay might
attract interest and the price will be determined by the highest bidder.
Have you contacted the German Military Museums, or the Ministry of Defence?

Does exist a catalog or everithing else?

............Have you done a Google search?

I receved a buy offering by an Antiquities Shop, but i don't know if the
price offered is right or not. Are you interested in buying theese ships

.............No thank you, but I will put your email on our blog in the hope
that other people will be interested.

If you want to contact me or if you want to see pictures of ships answer at this e-mail address or call me at number +393396907498.

.............So yes please, send some photos. I see you are in Italy, as I

Best wishes

John Tunstill

Thank you.