Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hiriart Toy soldiers

Guillermo Hiriart,, contact me for details of our range of 54mm lead soldiers made in Montevideo, Uruguay

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rare Britains?

Hi John
Can you help me identify some old lead soldiers I came across whilst going through my father's WW2 books. They look like early 1900 Britains - they are marked "Britains Ltd" "Copyright" "Made In England" "Proprietor" underneath the base. They are a Royal Marine band and what looks like a mixed Guards band. Their arms move on pins and the painting is obviously basic by today's standards. (Big rosy cheeks)

...............Yes, made by Britains Limited, North London. There are many learned works on this firm and dozens of entries on Ebay. Research can develop into a passion as one learns and identifies.

There is also another band (can't figure out the country/army - Scanndanavian?) which just has 'Eire' underneath the base. Also early 1900s? Is it possible to verify their age from the pics and also the origins of the 'Eire' make?

...........Probably, but I'm unaware of anything about these figures. Try a Google search, "lead soldiers eire " and see what comes up.

Let me know if you or any of your contacts/fellow collectors would be interested in buying them. Many thanks.
John Gallie

.........We'll blog your letter, and keep our fingers crossed
.............Best wishes
John Tunstill

I forgot to mention both the Britains and the 'Eire' model soldiers are 54mm.