Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mr Tunstill

I have just been reading your Blog I found it both interesting and amusing.

I don`t suppose you remember me but, stayed at our guest house in Swansea last year whilst researching an old Peter Sellers film.
"Only Two Can Play", see

We got talking about film and then you noticed some of my 20mm soldiers on display in our dining which led us onto a long conversation on soldiers and wargaming and of course "Miniature Warfare" magazine which I happened to have.

During our conversation I explained that I was the editor of the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers (SOTCW) magazine - The Journal, and showed you a couple of recent editions, you were kind enough not to be critical.

Now I have discovered your blog I will continue to read it with pleasure.
Richard Baber

I remember you and your house and your soldiers well. Do you have a website? We'll blog your letter and hope you'll get some new members
Best wishes

Your visit to our guesthouse was a highlite, Miniature Warfare was a great magazine and I treasure the 40 or so issues i`ve been able buy through Ebay.

The society website is -
Theres also a web forum -

Thanks for offer to put the website address on your blog - much appreciated.

I`ve now been Journal editor for 18 months and have produced 6 issues, I`ve enjoyed it a lot more than I expected, so have volunteered to stay on for another 6 issues.

Richard Baber