Monday, June 11, 2007

Hope you can help ?

Dear John

I found your details on the internet whilst conducting a search under military models.

I am now emailing you in the hope you can help me.

My husband was an enthusiastic military modeller and he sadly died a while ago. I would now like to dispose of his collection of military models, unmade kits, military uniform post cards and books depicting uniforms of various regiments and eras.

I don't have a clue as to their worth and how to dispose of them.

................for values of books, try, a bookselling internet
site. For disposing of all items, try

I had thought of advertising in the Military Modelling magazine but I am unable to find it on the newsagent shelves so cannot find their address to place an advert. I don't know if the magazine is still published ?

..............nor I.

In the hope you can offer some advice, I am attaching a list of the items in the collection.

...........the books are all interesting standard references, and will be
of great use to collectors. The models/kits need more information, size?
material? manufacturer? etc

I do hope you can help. I will be extremely grateful for your time in replying to me.

...........I will blog your letter in the hope that some of my surfers are
interested, and, for the price of a £10.00 subscription, you would be
allowed to place all your listings, for a year, on our site, with your email

Regards and many thanks in anticipation.
Carol Rice

PS, it may help to know that I live in the Stockport area, 8 miles south Manchester.

..................and I in Italy 20 miles north of Perugia
...........Best wishes
............John Tunstill