Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hello John,
I have 5 toy soldiers signed by R.Courtenay with names of individuals printed on the basas ie. "Duke of Bourbon" etc. They were my Great Aunt's and I fell in love with them as a very small boy. Two of the foot soldiers have lost there swords with one with loss of scabbarb. I also have a Knight with lance that my daughter dropped many years ago breaking off the tail and some damage to a corner of the base. I would like them repaired as they are a reminder of my youth and I want to display them. I am an avid collector of very fine soldiers painted in St. Petersburg.

Please advise, Thank you for your time,
Dan Townsend

Peter Greenhill is the man.
I've copied your email to him ( and send it with best wishes from sunny Italy)

Best wishes
John Tunstill