Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Subscribe to Soldiers’Soldiers Site!

Subscription details, including offers of free prints, on site, and free lead soldiers, one 54mm lead alloy unpainted Soldiers’Soldiers casting, and on 54mm unpainted Stadden casting made for Just Soldiers…..an offer you really shouldn’t miss.

ONLY £10.00 , plus postage. If you don’t want the soldiers or the prints, then just £10.00 gets you access to the site and contents for a whole year.

More than 300 military prints of Victorian British Army uniforms scanned at high resolution and available for your delectation taken from the following sources:

Armies of India, Bands of the British Army, His Majesty’s Territorial Army, Illustrated Histories of the Scottish Regiments Book N° 1, 1st battalion, The Black Watch, Royal Highlanders, 42nd Foot, Book N°2, 2nd Dragoons, Royal Scots Greys, Book N° 3, Queens own Cameron Highlanders, 79th Foot, Life in the Army, Our Armies, Soldiers of the King.

More than 100 Britain’s figures now for sale, from a collection of more than 3000 pieces gradually being photographed and which will be offered for sale to subscribers during the next 12 months or so.

Each subscriber will receive:
A 54mm hand-painted lead-alloy Soldiers’Soldiers figure…..and
A 54mm lead-alloy Stadden figure, made for “Just Soldiers”


Two different A4, or four different A5, military prints originally produced for the Tradition magazine in the 1970’s.

Postage is extra for both offers Soldiers.

For info and details jon@technet.it