Saturday, July 29, 2006


Britain’s figures have been a source of pleasure to collectors for the last hundred years, but where did father William get his information and inspiration from?

John Tunstill, after several years of patient research, and with reference to his collection of Victorian prints and early reference works of a military nature, and also his modest collection of Britains’ figures has discovered The Origin of the Species, with due reference to a certain Mr Darwin.

Many of these early prints that inspired William Britain are now being scanned, and, together with many illustrations from the 70’s, will form the basis of the military print collection soon to be made available on the site

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pay site...

We are starting a pay site, with hundredof illustration soldiers...Britains...have we got some blurb?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Italian Alpini regiments......

Hi Joseph
Your great grandfather appears to have been in one of the Italian Alpini
regiments. Tough mountain troops.
Best wishes
John Tunstill

Mr Tunstill,
I just wanted to write back and thank you for your reply. You have
provided an important piece to the puzzle I am putting together on my
Great Grandfather's pass. From the few quick web searches, I have seen
some great history on the Alpini. Trying to date the era, it looks like
they were formed around 1887.

I know that my GGF came to the US in 1905 at the age of 21, so he was born
around 1884. I am guessing that recruiting was around 16-18 yrs of age,
which would put him in the regiment around 1900. It seems this particular
style of uniform was prevulent to around 1910.
Once again - thanks for all your help. It might not have seemed like
much - but it was a big step!
Do you have any other recommended readings for the Alpini? Also, do you
have any soldiers from this particular era of Alpini?

Thanks ...
Joe Leporini
Tucson, AZ USA


Glad to help.

Best Wishes
John Tunstill