Monday, May 29, 2006

Went to Rimini over the weekend, nice town on Italy's Adriatic coast. Lots of fighting there in the Second War.
On the SS 16 as one approaches from the south, coming up from Pesaro and near Catolica, the touching hillside cemetry of Gradara, beautifully maintained by the War Graves Commission. And on the same road as one reaches Riccioni, a small but beautiful Greek Orthodox cemetary, remembering their dead in this conflict of some 60 years ago. A little further up the road near Rimini is the Coriano Ridge Cemetery, whilst on the side road towards San Marino yet another resting place for soldiers from foreign lands, this time the Gurkhas, brave young men from the mountains of India, who died in the mountains of Italy.

It's Tommy this, an' Tommy that,
And chuck 'im out, the brute.
But is 'Saviour of 'is Country'
When the guns begin to shoot

Rudyard Kipling