Monday, March 06, 2006

Has anyone yet attempted to locate and identify the sources and illustrations used by William Britain and his sons when they were making the master figures for their famous collection?
The same problems were experienced by the master figure makers when constructing the original figures for Soldiers’ Soldiers, but as they were doing it some hundred years later there was infinitely were material available for their researches.
Most of Britain’s illustrations and uniform details were taken from the contemporary Victorian sources which were illustrated by artists like Simkin, Payne, Stansell, Burnett and others and it is interesting, exciting and entertaining to see that the Britain family copied not only the uniform details but also the impossible stance and often awkward pose of the drawings. See the bent front knees on many of the early infantrymen, the back foot at right angles, and the four legs of many of the horses fully extended at the same moment.
See for more information on lead soldiers.