Friday, September 09, 2005

Back in Italy

Well, Im back in Italy after my hols, good weather in England, and coming down like stair rods here in Umbria. But it has given me time to sort out a backlog of emails and arrange some of my 5000 military interest magazines that I haven't seen for 20 years. Now that's real nostalgia.

I've been looking through the Purnell History of the First World War, wonderful stuff, 128 issues in 8 volumes. Another find was the old Wargamer's Newsletters published by Don Featherstone back in the 70's, long before computers and home printers, probably produced on a Roneo or a Gestetner machine from typed stencils.

Purnell also did an Encyclopedia of Modern Weapons, a few of which I found for a lucky customer, whilst another client wanted Purnell's History of the Second World War, but only specific issues.

Orders today from Australia for a dismounted, marching British 1st Dragoon band, 16 pieces resplendant in their Victorian red coats.

And from Italy, a request for two seated navel bands, both 16 men plus seats and music stands, one set in winter, blue, and the other in summer, whites.

We're going to start putting goods up on Ebay, so watch out for bargains.

Best wishes
John Tunstill