Tuesday, June 14, 2005

20mm and 25mm war gaming

The war-gaming hobby underwent a tremendous surge in popularity in the early 1970s and almost every small toyshop began to stock 20 and 25 mm figures. This enthusiasm was accompanied by a proliferation of model-soldier and war-gaming magazines and the publication of new books, sets of rules, and the formation of a number of different war-gaming clubs. However, the would-be stockist of war-game figures soon found that the diversity that was being offered to his customers by the manufacturers was far greater than his financial capacity to stock. For example, there are about five major manufacturers of 25 mm figures, each making more than 1,000 different figures. The retailer is expected to stock all these figures in quantities of at least 100 of each figure. The stock holding required and cost is therefore enormous merely to fulfil, for example, the simple request for a Byzantine archer at the ready, two Napoleonic Austro-Hungarian grenadiers, and an artillery colonel of the Wehrmacht with binoculars.