Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Museum now open

The Calzolaro toy soldier museum is now open, in Umbria, Italy. John Tunstill welcomed friends and guests to view his collection of lead soldiers. Several Timpo figures, dozens of Heyde 45mm troops, hundreds of Britains figures and thousands of John Tunstill's Soldiers, oftimes called Soldiers' Soldiers, after the London shop where they were first made, near the Imperial war Museum.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Model Soldier Collection

a query received...

Sirs, an holder of a collection of model soldiers, I am seeking advise on their manufacturers, approximate date of manufacturing as well as the countries of origin. Would you be so kind to notify me of whom I could contact(and how) on the matter? Would Mr John Garratt be (one of) the rightperson(s)? Thanks in advance for a kind reply, Laura Cianfarani

Hi Laura, you've obviously found my website, congratulations, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions, and some of your questions will be answered. John Garratt, I imagine, has long since departed the world of soldier collecting, but if you give me the information asked for in the FAQs then I'll try and help